Clubbable. Mobile Application. London.

When I uploaded London photos to the article, I was surrounded by the aroma of the chic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee, which I sometimes drink on weeknightdays, but more often on weekends. This coffee was an incredible discovery, but let it be a separate article.

The atmosphere smelled of aroma because I associate London with a cup of coffee in the mornings and also with Big Ben. It always seems to me that people there are always in a hurry for business, work. They drink coffee 24 hours a day, and even they constantly  carry it with them in their hands in paper glasses closed with a polypropylene lid, sometimes spill it on themselves, swear, and again run into the nearest coffee shop, bakery, buy coffee, think about new ideas “how to take over the world.” And suddenly they stop in front of Big Ben, freeze in place, look at the clock, that proudly towering above the inhabitants. From the paper mug the smoke from the coffee slowly rises with the mist spreading, people throw the unfinished coffee “to hell” and with the words “fucking morning”, realizing that they are already late for work or a meeting, continue the way. What can cheer or at least smile these businessmen, intricate beginners, developing start-ups or just “come in large numbers” for a dream? Is not a walking burger or a handset, or, perhaps, a huge bear catching gloomy passers-by, squeezing them into their arms? No.

In London, not everything is so sad, especially with the advent of the mobile application Clubbable, and even very fun and entertaining. The most interesting and exciting life in London begins at night. And the most interesting offers are waiting for you in this application.

The basic meaning of the application is as follows:

1. Create a new group of participants.
2. Invite friends from contacts you would like to spend tonight with.
3. All the best promoters will send you offers in the best places of the city.
4.  You choose the proposal you like and take it.
5. After acceptance, communicate directly in the chat with the promoter, whose offer is chosen, which will reserve a place for you at the event.

For details on the site CLUBBABLE.

Everything is easy and simple. But there are many other bonuses and priorities, to the point that girls can go to the club, as well as drinks and taxis free of charge. And for this you do not need to pay anything unless you are lucky today and the promoter chooses you.

The Clubbable community on Facebook is here.

Download the application for Android at the link Clubbable app.

Download the iOS app by clicking Clubbable app.

The application spread outside of London. They are already using it in such famous prestigious vacation spots as Saint-Tropez and the popular resort of Cote d’Azur – the city of Cannes. And I am sure that this is not the limit, everything is just beginning. The creator of the idea and Chief Executive Officer Magnus Ahlin said that he wants to take over the world, and I think he’s not joking. So, most likely, that soon and in Minsk young people will not be bored in the clubs they went to by chance 🙂

You can watch the cool video from the presentation Clubbable in Cannes.

And finally, publish photos from London, which managed to click in this London bustle, and let someone say – leisurely.

In the photo, the legendary London taxi, which there is more than personal transport.

And this is the famous two-story red bus. All tourists want a photo with him, despite the fact that they have done analogues everywhere, and even in Minsk.

On the table are scattered invitations to the next party with Clubbable.

In the photo to the right, the inspirer and the creator of Clubbable is Magnus Ahlin.

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